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Does Window Tint Really Reduce Heat in Your Car or Home

Does Window Tint Really Reduce Heat in Your Car or Home?

October 24, 2023

During hot summer months, excessive heat coming into your car or home can be unbearable. High temperatures make the interior uncomfortable and can even damage interiors over time. So does installing window tint actually help reduce heat and provide cooling benefits?

How Window Tinting Blocks Heat

Quality window films contain specialized metals and dyes that are designed to reject heat. Here are some of the main ways window tinting reduces heat:

  • Blocks infrared rays – Infrared rays from sunlight transmit heat. Window tint has infrared inhibitors that reflect this radiation.
  • Reduces solar energy transmittance – Tint prevents much of the sun’s energy from entering and heating up interiors.
  • Absorbs UV rays – The tint film absorbs a majority of harmful ultraviolet rays before they penetrate the glass.

Window Tint Can Reduce Temperatures

Window Tint Can Reduce Temperatures

Studies show window tinting can dramatically reduce temperatures inside a car or building. Here are some statistics:

  • Quality tint can reduce interior vehicle temperatures by up to 60%. This keeps leather, dashboards, and upholstery protected.
  • In a home or office, window films can cut down temperatures by 20% or more. This decreases the need for air conditioning.
  • IR-blocking tints provide up to 99% rejection of infrared rays that transmit heat.

So properly installed window tint from leading brands delivers measurable heat and temperature reduction.

Consider Getting Professionally Installed Tint

To fully enjoy the cooling benefits of window tinting, it is best to have it professionally installed by an experienced company like Amazing Tint LLC, Here’s why:

  • We use high-performance tints engineered specifically to block heat.
  • There are no bubbles, creases, or gaps that let heat sneak in.
  • Lifetime warranties give you peace of mind on durability.
  • Technicians ensure the right level of tint for your local area and climate.
Keep Your Car Cooler with Window Tint

Keep Your Car or Home Cooler with Window Tint

As you can see, installing high-quality window tint is an excellent way to reduce heat coming into your car or building. The right window film keeps interiors cooler, protects against sun damage, and reduces the need for air conditioning. Contact AmazingTint today to explore window tinting options for your needs and to keep cool all season long.


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