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Yes, some people like the convince of someone coming to their residence or their work and tinting their windows completely exposed to the environment. However this is not the best way to get them done professionally. Window tinting is a very delicate process. Many people do not take inconsideration that there are so much dust partials in the air outside, or in the garage. This will affect the outcome of the windows tinted. For best results, we highly recommend getting them in a shop that is climate controlled year road. We also have a neat waiting room area with     Wi-Fi and Netflix while you wait for your vehicle.

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For a precise cutting of the film for your windows in your vehicle, Sainz Amazing Tint has invested in a computer cut software for a more accurate look. The template has nearly every make and model of every vehicle this will guarantee the window tint installed matches perfectly to your windows. Doing it the old fashioned way “manually” may damage the glass and or trim of the windows. We are always up to date on new technologies and updates in the window tint industries.  

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